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Eurovision Menu 2009

Page history last edited by Samantha Waters 9 years, 9 months ago

The premise is simple: Help me create a menu for an evening of Eurovision entertainment with an item of food or drink from each country to go with the country's song. Each item must then be drunk or eaten whilst the song is playing.


Lessons from last time:

-The same food may be enjoyed by many different countries, so it doesn't have to be suggested for the most obvious country.

-I'm too old to have it turn into a drinking contest.

-You don't want to cook during the show.

-Smoke salmon is pretty disgusting after a chocolate torte, so look at the suggestions around it.

-Suggested items must be for sale in Wolverhampton on an average Saturday.


Full details, and last year's poor attempt can be seen on a Webometric Thoughts blog post. 


Log-in detail

Username: eurovisionmenu@gmail.com Password: CliffWasRobbed


Artist Song Food/Drink suggestions Best Suggestion
1 Lithuania Sasha Son "Love"    
2 Israel Noa and Mira Awad "There Must Be Another Way" Basil (whenever I buy it it comes from Israel)  
3 France Patricia Kaas "Et s'il fallait le faire"

Snails - lots of big slimy ones.  

Brie or Goats cheese on French Stick bread



4 Sweden Malena Ernman "La voix"

- Falukorv (traditional swedish sausage: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Falukorv)

- Swedish meatballs with mashed lingonberries (classic)

- Pickled herring (with new potatoes and butter) or sour herring (leave a couple of herrings to rot in their own juices for a year or so: very typical swedish dish)

-fondue (<-- Schwitzerland?)

5 Croatia Igor Cukrov feat. Andrea "Lijepa Tena" Polenta  
6 Portugal Flor-de-Lis "Todas as ruas do amor"



peri-peri chicken

7 Iceland Yohanna "Is It True?"    
8 Greece Sakis Rouvas "This Is Our Night"

Tzatziki, Souvlaki or Moussaka.

Ouzo of course. To give a bit variation to all the vodka.

Feta Cheese

9 Armenia Inga and Anush "Jan Jan"


Shish kebab


10 Russia Anastasiya Prikhodko "Mamo"

Borsch soup

Blinis with caviar, sour cream and chopped onion (just lovely) 

Definitely Blinis (you can get them in Sainsbury's)

11 Azerbaijan AySel and Arash "Always" baklava    
12 Bosnia and Herzegovina Regina "Bistra voda"    
13 Moldova Nelly Ciobanu "Hora din Moldova"

chicken soup 


grilled minced meat rolls 

roast meat  

14 Malta Chiara "What If We"


la valette red wine

15 Estonia Urban Symphony "Rändajad" Probably very similar to Finland: milk, dark bread, meat. You could try to find Estonian beer, A le Coq, or a strong licour called Vana Tallinn (Old Tallinn).  
16 Denmark Niels Brinck "Believe Again" Beer, a must have. Tuborg or Carlsberg.  
17 Germany Alex Swings Oscar Sings "Miss Kiss Kiss Bang"

Sourkrout - can buy in little jars 

Frankfurter / bratwurst - sausages

18 Turkey Hadise "Düm Tek Tek" falafel  
19 Albania Kejsi Tola "Carry Me in Your Dreams"    
20 Norway Alexander Rybak "Fairytale"

Dried fish. And it has to be expenssive to get the authentic feel for Norway.

Leerdammer cheese

21 Ukraine Svetlana Loboda "Be My Valentine! (Anti-Crisis Girl)"

Varyenki/Varenyky (stuffed boiled dumplings) served with sour cream


22 Romania Elena "The Balkan Girls" crepes with various fillings    
23 United Kingdom Jade Ewen "It's My Time"

Kebab and Chips, complete with all the sauces and salad. 

pie and mash

walkers crisps

cadbury's chocolate

real beer

chicken tikka masala

spotted dick

24 Finland Waldo's People "Lose Control"

- Mämmi (could make a nice pudding: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mämmi)

- Reindeer

- Lingonberries (I guess that could be for Sweden also)

- Ruisleipä (a very dark rye bread: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ruisleipä) 

25 Spain Soraya Arnelas "La noche es para mí"

Tapas (could be anything) 

spanish omelette - tortilla

parma ham




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Comments (1)

EurovisionMenu said

at 3:53 pm on May 15, 2009

For Denmark: Beer, yes. Obviously. Tuborg or Carlsberg are widely available alternatives. You might also be able to find Ceres. For food, options include:
* Pickled herring on rye bread with sliced raw onions, capers and a hardboiled egg, chopped. Ideally served with beer and a glass of snaps (akvavit)
* Also good for rye bread: smoked eel with scrambled eggs, a slice of roast pork with sweet&sour red cabbage, or liver paté topped with a slice of corned beef and aspic.
I didn't say it would be tasty, just that it would be typical Danish food. ;o)
Then again, considering that this course will follow rabbit and the Estonian concoction, you could consider a small piece of steamed cod with fresh herbs (e.g. dill) and a bit of roe/caviar, or hardboiled eggs, cut in half, and topped with a bit of mayonnaise, roe/caviar and dill.
For more laborious suggestions, see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cuisine_of_Denmark

Have fun!
Theresa from Copenhagen

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